Best Fitness Center Website Designs and Checklist

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October 7, 2020
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Best Fitness Center Website Designs and Checklist

The best fitness websites combine easy navigation, creativity and smooth user experience. Create a winning online presence for your fitness center with this comprehensive web design checklist.

Does your website have a clear call to action?

People enter a website without expecting to do anything. CTA buttons are the quickest way to lead visitors to SUBSCRIBE, BUY or CALL NOW.

Does your website have a process that leads users?

Make your website easy to navigate. Remember, users spend less than 45 seconds on a website. A clear process makes it quicker for people to sign up for your services.

Do your users know exactly what you do, how to sign up?

A sign-up page makes it convenient for users to register to your services or subscribe to your newsletter. A smooth website registration process with a proper sign-up page helps you obtain information from users in a snap!

Does your website answer your client’s questions with detailed FAQ’s?

Dedicate a page that answers all questions regarding your schedule, rates, and services. When users have all info they need, they can make a decision right away.

Does your website have great content that goes in-depth in your products and services?

Tell your unique story with a great copy. Engaging content keeps the interest and connects your business to the reader.

Does your website have blogs?

Blogs build credibility and drive traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Write about fresh topics from fitness news to work-out tips that people want to share online.

Does your website have videos, infographics and engaging content?

Studies reveal that visitors interact 10x more with videos than text. Make your website more interesting with infographics, videos and photos to engage users.

Does your website have pop-up forms?

Pop-ups are excellent for grabbing attention, isolating the information and eliminating distractions. Use pop-up forms for special promotions. When properly used, pop-ups increase conversion rate by 9%.

Does your website have a clean mobile website?

More people are now browsing websites through tablets and phones. A responsive website with an adaptable layout drives more traffic from mobile users.

Is your website clear and helpful?

Your website is the front desk of your fitness center. Connect with partners from the very first page with clear and helpful content.

Does your website have a social media section?

Make it easy for people to connect with your business. Add you social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to expand your online community.

Want a professional website for your fitness center but don’t know where to start? We’ll handle your Web Design Checklist so you can focus on growing your business. Take Charge Sports works with youth leagues, tournaments and fitness organizations of all over the country. Contact us at (336) 534-0324 to learn more!

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